About the ESG Committee

The major responsibility of the ESG Committee is to establish the ESG strategy and policies of the Group and make decisions on key ESG tasks of the group and subsidiaries. The Committee, as the supreme decision-making body, also monitors the implementation of major ESG tasks of the Group as well as performances in ESG-related products, investments, and loans, and reduction of carbon emissions.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish the Group ESG strategy and policies
  • Set annual ceiling on charitable contributions
  • Other matters that deemed necessary by the Board and the Committee

Committee Composition

Chairman :
Gyu taeg Oh
Members :
Suk Ho Sonu, Myung Hee Choi,
Kou whan Jeong, Kyung Ho Kim,
Seon Joo Kwon, Jae Hong Choi,
Jong Kyoo Yoon, Jae Keun Lee
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Organization for ESG Implementation

  • BOD

    ESG Committee

    Deliberation and
    feedback of ESG issues

  • Report on ESG issues

    KB Financial

    ESG Strategy

    Closely cooperating
    on implementing
    ESG action plans

  • Report on ESG issues