Reducing Carbon Emissions

To ensure effective response to climate change, we have been working continuously to reduce carbon emissions generated from business operations and ensure an efficient use of energy. The environmental management system (ISO 14001) has been applied to our six main buildings including the head office to monitor environmental data including carbon emissions and waste levels. In responding to the CDP, we annually report climate-related data. Moreover, all our subsidiaries have conducted diverse energy saving activities such as replacing the light bulbs with LEDs at head office and branches, installing rotating wind visors in air-conditioners and heaters, and by turning off all the lights during lunch breaks and at night. In 2019, KB Kookmin Bank introduced 10 electric vehicles for business use and installed recharging infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions. This project will be expanded to all subsidiaries. We also run the Energy Saving Day campaign every month and are actively collecting and managing environmental data.

Integrated IT Center in Gimpo

KB Insurance’s training center in Sacheon

Go Green Campaign with Customers

We have started Go Green Campaign in collaboration with all of our subsidiaries to reduce our impact on environment. Through the campaign, we are raising awareness of importance of environmental protection and encouraging customers and employees to participate and engage in order to deliver positive impact on our environment and society. The campaign is carried out under 3 major themes, i.e. Paperless, No Plastic, Save Energy.

Go Green

  • Raise awareness about importance of
    environment protection
  • Prerequisite to survival and core growth engines

Untact (Un+Contact)

  • Expand needs for untact products and services
  • Evolve into a new normal due to social changes

Digital Transformation & Effective Communication

  • Paperless
    • Issue less paper bankbooks
    • Reduce DM service
    • Reduce paper usage
  • No Plastic
    • Issue less plastic credit cards
    • Reduce use of plastic products
    • Recycle plastic products
  • Save Energy
    • Use renewable energy
    • Increase use of green vehicles
    • Energy saving and efficiency